The Importance of Club @ SOAR

Our Goal…


Though we believe academics are absolutely important in life, we also believe that teaching students life skills will help them have the proper set of tools they need to succeed wherever they go and in whatever they do in life. At SOAR we love providing areas where kids can thrive in and learn more about areas that they are interested in.

Our different Clubs are a way to not only  encourage kids to learn life skills, but a fun way where they can discover their strengths and what they are passionate about!

We have different Clubs that kids love being a part of, for example: Gymnastics, Music, Running, DIY crafts, Cheerleading, Cooking, Skateboarding, and Goops and Gadgets. We also have amazing staff that love being a part of this learning process and really motivate the kids to discover their skills and talents.

There are so many benefits that come from being a member of a club.


Team work

There are so many ways that Clubs help our children develop teamwork. For example, having a small group in each Club definitely gives staff more opportunity to identify kids strengths and recognize how hard they are working. Working in a group helps kids discover their role and also understand their role's importance. In a setting like this, the children also learn how to work in a group, which is a skill they will need for future. They observe and learn how different each person works, and we encourage the children to respect and admire the richness of differences. While they do all these fun projects, they develop friendships that can last a lifetime.


We are very intentional in assigning different tasks and responsibilities to kids that will encourage them to show their leadership skills. A leader is not always the person up front, the loudest or the most confident, but the one that serves others first, see others’ needs first, and guides with good example. As staff we see the potential each kid has, and our goal is to help them discover their potential. Leadership is such an important life skill that we want kids to find in themselves, because it will benefit them now and in the future.


The purpose of exposing kids to new and different activities is to create a new perspective. We want kids to generate alternatives on how to do things and bring uniqueness to the table. Creativity comes with being flexible and enjoying the process of learning new things, therefore clubs also help kids learn how to be flexible and try new things when their first idea doesn't work as well as they thought it would. We see kids create and be surprised with their own potential all while they are also learning how to encourage others. It is truly a beautiful combination.

There are so many more benefits that come with developing new activities. We want clubs to be an opportunity for them to create, learn, develop skills, have fun, and be challenged, but most importantly, to believe in themselves and what they can do.

What kids think about clubs...




I like Clubs, because I get to meet new people. I like to do crafts and learn new things than I can also do at home. I love hanging out with my friends and seeing what we create. Every person does things differently, and I like that.








We made candles, and I have never made one before. I like that I was able to see how to make it and learn. In Clubs, we also have to help our partners, because we work in teams, and I like that.