Parson Hills Soccer Tournament

The SOAR year is in full swing, and the last Friday of September officially kicked off our first special event at SOAR Parson Hills! Our students are crazy about sports, so naturally with the start of football season we had to make the theme all about sports. We hosted an all SOAR family soccer tournament, The Backyard Bash, at Parson Hills where we split all of our students up into eight equal teams. We even had four fields painted onto the playground for the students.

The goal of hosting special events is to encourage parents to come and support their students and our program. The victory in this first special event was having at least 20 different families show up to support their students in the soccer tournament! We even had a few parents jump in the game and play with their children!

This first event embodied all that we hope to accomplish through our program. Family involvement and support both play a pertinent role in all that we are trying to cultivate through our program. We aim to empower and fight for our students, but just as much as, we also aim to cultivate relationships with our students.

We also hope to build those same relationships between our program and staff with the parents and families. We are for our families as much as we are for their children, and our special events are a great way for us to foster those relationships and bonds between our staff, students, and families. Family involvement is vital to the success of our students because the more support they receive, the more empowered they will feel and become. Moving forward, we hope for even more than 20 parents and families to be able to take part in the joy that we as staff have for these students and this program.