Grace Hill Skate Club!

Skate club has been one of my favorite things about SOAR. I believe that there are so many benefits to having skate club. It instills confidence in our kids, and it also gives the kids an outlet to try a new hobby that they might not get to try outside of SOAR.

So many of the students that come into skate club usually don’t have any skateboarding experience. They join the club because skateboarding is cool, but they don’t know how to do it. This makes them very hesitant at first. They don’t believe that they are good at skateboarding, but each week that passes they learn more and more. Seeing them progress and learn and gain confidence has been so rewarding, not only for them but for me.

Skate club is an awesome outlet for kids to try new things and learn that doing hard things is worth it. It teaches them perseverance and is something cool that they can tell their friends and family. Skateboarding is something not everyone gets to try, but because of SOAR, our kids get the chance to try it and become better doing it. Skate club is the best.