Surrounded by the most passionate and energetic staff around, SOAR students are celebrated and embraced for who they are today and what we know they'll accomplish tomorrow.

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SOAR Leadership

The SOAR Leadership team is always working to make SOAR better.


Ben Rediske
SOAR Director

Abby Smith
Director of Programing 

Frankye Koontz
Director of Development

Samantha Harp
Site Director- Jones

Cecilia Martinez
Site Director- Parson Hills

Ellie Hoyt
Site Director- Grace Hill

Caryn Willson
Education Specialist

Raleigh Myers
Intern- Jones

Lakyn Kidd
Intern- Parson Hills

Hector Contrerez
Intern- Grace Hill

Makiah Martin
Intern- Marketing

Hannah Fiser
Intern- Programing


Group Leaders

From Top Staff, Group Leaders and subs, our daily staff are the hands and feet of SOAR. They show up every day with energy and excitement to make the SOAR day the best it can be.


Luis Garcia

Austin Dederich

Chloe Deavens

Creighton Wright

Daisy Onesto

Hannah Banker

Jen Lopez

Jonabett Hennessy

Kayla Gill

Kerstin Hobbs

Lily Downing

Madison Johnson

Maylee Loften

MIa Bates

Monica Arreguin

Robbie Moore

Ryan McQuade

Seth Anderson

Sydra Stanley

Weston Snow

Kyle Guthrie

Parson Hills
Isabella Maestri

Ally Lopez

Arely Juarez

Brennan Fincher

Bryce Collins

Camryn Johnson

Carlos Friddle

Conner Huie

Elisabeth Sugg

Emily Schlichtig

Hannah Mashburn

Jessica Sykes

Kyler Broach

Lauren Kjellberg

Lauren Taylor

Sarah Tamplin

Sierra McCurdy

Sydney Steele

Andrea Domingez

Brenna Gaul

Taylor Carbonel

Grace Hill
Dean Cline

Austin Losey

Bri Hess

Carli White

Dom Townsend

Emma Woodrow

Emmie Carroll

Kathryn Charlson

Kayla Milliken

Kaytlan Rayford

Kenlee Hill

Mariana Garcia

Mariel Rodriguez

Melanie Manning

Sam Spence

Tatum Richardson

Taylor Reynolds

Victoria Richards

Emma Orlando

Hunter Simmons

Anna Hedstrom


Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves as a community champion for SOAR. Members share their unique talents by providing SOAR with expertise, knowledge of constituent perspectives, connections to resources and forms of philanthropic support as needed. The Advisory Council does not have governing powers or legal responsibilities to SOAR.


Sara Bishop

Abraham Aguilar

Stacy Keenan

Heather White

Aldan Napier

Carolyn Parsons