The clubs at SOAR are the students favorite part of the program. The purpose of SOAR clubs are to encourage students to experience new activities, teach students skills that will help them in their future, and to show that learning can be experienced in many different forms. Below is a rundown of many of our students favorite clubs. Every club falls under one of our three focuses of Fitness (Healthy Living), STEM, or Creative Arts. Below are some examples of clubs SOAR students have participated in. 


Cooking & Gardening CLubs

The SOAR Cooking club is one of our students favorites (maybe because they get to eat what they make...). During students time in Cooking Club they will learn how to use a recipe, how to measure ingrediants, kitchen/cooking safety, and proper nutrition. Some of the things students have learned to cook are pancakes, salsa, smoothies, trail mix, and much more! 


Through SOAR, we are able to promote STEM in many of our clubs and classes. We use interactive learning technology to teach students the beneficial side of living in a technology driven society. SOAR Students love learning about robotics! We have a number of different robotic club options such as: Lego Robotics, Ozobots, or snap circuits. Students are learning how to use coding to make the robots move, work as a team to develop a design, and use technology to follow through with a plan. 


Creative Arts clubs include everything from Art Feeds Clubs to Guitar Club to Dance. We have found that SOAR Students love to dance. Below you can check out the dance team from our Parson Hills site. This is a student designed and student led dance performed in front of our parents at our yearly christmas dinner. 

Building Club

At SOAR our students are always excited for building club. In building club, students learn how to safely and properly operate tools they will be using. There is a detailed discussion of how to measure correctly so that all the pieces fit together. Not only are they having fun building their project, they are also LEARNING. In building, mathematics is a huge part of the experience. Students learn how to better understand measurements and fractions by applying them to a hands-on project. Apart from the mathematical application, students also walk away will having an improved attention to detail, fine motor skills, listening skills, confidence in their work and working together as a team. In the past our students have worked on projects such as a smashball court, a little free library, a garden fence, tool boxes, picture frames and picnic tables. We are excited to show you the results of building club projects in the future!

SPorts & FItness Clubs

At SOAR, we promote healthy living through our clubs and classes. We allow students to choose their "active club" from a number of different sports which include; gymnastics, baseball, soccer, football, basketball, dance, cheer and more! We create our clubs and lesson plans based off the skills and experience level of our staff. Students at SOAR are able to gain knowledge and improve skills within their chosen club. At the end of the semester, students are able to show off their new skills in the SOAR Showcase or the SOAR Exhibition game! Our program also offers health and nutrition curriculum through our cooking and fitness clubs.