SOAR Parson Hills is a unique and special place. We strive to provide a rich and encouraging environment for our staff and our students. Our goal at SOAR is for our students to come in and have the opportunity to grow in self confidence by learning to love who they were created to be. We want them to have the freedom to be creative, strive for excellence and to achieve their wildest dreams. No matter where you live, what your background is or where you’ve come from, here at SOAR we will love you, support you and encourage you to be your very best.


To your full potential.

To achieve your wildest dreams.

To be the best you, you can be.

To serve others.

To be a leader.

To love others

To be a world changer.


What we do at SOAR

We want SOAR to be the absolute best part of a students day every single time a student comes to SOAR.

The SOAR program offers a wide variety of experiences for students from 3 pm to 6 pm each day. These experiences include: homework assistance, Clubs, field trips, meals, and fun day Friday!


We desire for every child to grow academically while they are involved in the SOAR program. Through daily homework assistance we expect to see gains in reading levels, test scores, and the students overall reading enjoyment. 


One of the students favorite times of the day is when they get to go to different clubs. We have three focuses in which all of our clubs fall under: Fitness, STEM, and Creative Arts. 

Foozle Friday

We use Foozle Friday's to inject a bit of random fun into our program each week. Special guests, field trips, free choice activities, and movie days are just some of the activities you will see on Foozle Friday.

Site Director -Abby Smith

Site Director -Abby Smith

Abby began working with Camp War Eagle in 2015 and has been working with SOAR since 2016 having served as both a group leader and an intern. She received a Bachelor's of Social Work from the University of Arkansas. Her greatest passion is in working with people and learning how to serve them better. Abby grew up in the Northwest Arkansas community for the majority of her life, and she even used to be a Parson Hills Panther as a small girl, which makes the Springdale and Parson Hills community that much closer to her heart. Abby loves SOAR because it is a space that meets students where they are at and equips them to be bold and courageous in who they are. She hopes to continue working to create strong relationships with students and families in the Parson Hills family while empowering SOAR students to rise up to their greatest potential.


phone: 479.750.2006

“I love SOAR because I get to learn about friendship and make new friends.”
— Aliyah, a SOAR Parson Hills student

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