Our Vision



At SOAR, we believe every child has the capacity to be a leader - in their schools, families and communities. Yet many of the critical supports and opportunities kids need to develop their full potential are out of reach for working families in NWA.

Filling the gap between the school day and the work day, SOAR provides a safe and affordable place for kids to learn, build healthy relationships with peers and adults, and practice the public speaking and leadership skills they'll need for future success.

NWA is a diverse and growing region that offers many people opportunities to prosper. Such diversity and prosperity, however, often relies on a workforce that lacks many of the assets and supports necessary for families to thrive. SOAR provides an essential source of daily support for many of these families by meeting basic needs, including physical safety and nutritious snacks and meals for children.

For SOAR students, experts routinely point out that gaps in supports and opportunities eventually lead to gaps in achievements and outcomes. Quality afterschool programs like SOAR help narrow the income-achievement gap in math, improve academic and behavioral outcomes and reduce school absences. Moreover, we know that the support system provided by SOAR serves as motivation for success in life.

And it pays! According to the Afterschool Alliance, every $1 invested in afterschool programs saves $3 by increasing kids’ earning potential, improving kids’ performance at school and reducing crime and welfare costs. Nationally, afterschool programs save companies between $50-$300 billion in healthcare and lost job productivity each year.


Ben Rediske
SOAR Director