Our Vision

At SOAR, we believe every child has the capacity to be a leader-


in their schools, families and communities. Yet many of the critical supports and opportunities kids need to develop their full potential are out of reach for working families in NWA.

Filling the gap between the school day and the work day, SOAR provides a safe and affordable place for kids to learn, build healthy relationships with peers and adults, and practice the public speaking and leadership skills they'll need for future success.

SOAR kids are eager to learn and are motivated to succeed. They also love being part of a team and are willing to put themselves out there to grow as leaders. They love their family and their community and can't wait to do BIG things for themselves and others.

Many also happen to receive free meals at school and come from low-income households where one or both parents work long hours beyond the school day. If it weren't for SOAR, many would be home by themselves or supervised by siblings so that their parents can keep their jobs or work another shift.

A lot of SOAR kids also come from immigrant families where English is not the first language. Yet these families are some of our community's most valuable employees and residents.


Ben Rediske
SOAR Director