Welcome to our page! We are excited to share the exciting things going on in our program! Jones SOAR is located at The Jones Center, in partnership with Jones Elementary. We are a 21st CCLC After School Program that strives to provide the best opportunities for our students. We desire to see every one of our students experience growth while in our program. We want to see them improve academically and socially, while learning to live a life that values our six character traits-The SOAR Six! We have an eager staff who's goal is to teach and motivate these young minds! Check us out on social media and this website to stay caught up with what we are doing!

What we do at SOAR

We want SOAR to be the absolute best part of a students day every single time a student comes to SOAR.

The SOAR program offers a wide variety of experiences for students from 3 pm to 6 pm each day. These experiences include: homework assistance, Clubs, field trips, meals, and fun day Friday!


Each day at SOAR, we provide opportunity for our students to receive help with their homework. We desire every student to grow academically while they are involved in the SOAR program. Through daily homework assistance we expect to see growth in reading and mathematics.


The clubs at SOAR are the students' favorite part of the program. Whether it be cooking or gardening clubs, building projects, or STEM-based Lego Robotics or Ozobots, SOAR emphasizes hands-on, team-based experiential learning to help kids develop the social skills and confidence to see themselves as worthy contributors today and in the future.

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At SOAR, students have opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities. We want all of our students to participate in things that they normally wouldn't be able to do. We see value in opportunities through field trips, guest speakers, FUN Friday and our clubs.

Site Director - Samantha Harp

Site Director - Samantha Harp

Samantha Harp is originally from Bentonville, AR. She has lived in NWA her entire life and has a passion for working with students in this neighborhood of Springdale. In her free time, she enjoys a nice cup of coffee and visiting new places! Her favorite part about SOAR is when she can see healthy relationships between the school, SOAR staff, students, and families flourishing. Samantha hopes to promote positive community engagement and substantial educational growth for the students in SOAR. Sam grew up going to Camp War Eagle as a camper and always dreamed of working for Camp War Eagle in a full time role. Samantha hopes to share her passion for dreaming big and working hard. #REVEUR

email: samantha@campwareagle.org

phone: 479.750.2006      instagram: @sayyyumm

“I love SOAR because the group leaders help us with our homework and it’s really fun”
— Nathalie, a Jones SOAR student

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