This is not your everyday after school program.


SOAR Family

We know that kids learn social skills best by interacting with other kids, and a wide age range allows older kids to create scaffolds for the younger ones, bringing them up to higher skill levels. In turn, the older kids gain a sense of maturity and learn to be nurturing leaders. Read More →


SOAR Builds Leaders

SOAR kids are eager to learn and are motivated to succeed. They also love being part of a team and are willing to put themselves out there to grow as leaders. They love their family and their community and can't wait to do BIG things for themselves and others.

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Experience SOAR

Volunteers are some of the most important members of our SOAR family. Do you love working with children? Do you want to be a key player in the future success of hard-working students, families and communities? We have a spot for you!

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Make SOAR Better.

At SOAR, we go above and beyond to ensure all students reach their full potential. Your support means we can be more creative, more innovative and more impactful for more students.

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