SOAR - The Camp War Eagle after school program is making sure kids in NWA have the opportunities they need to succeed. Please consider making a donation to the SOAR program so we can continue to grow the quality of our programming and expand our programs to more schools! Your donation will help us to continue to communicate to students and their families that that are loved, they have value, and that SOAR believes in them. 


By supporting SOAR, you are helping kids in NWA imagine a bright and successful future for themselves and their families. Your gift, along with the contributions of other donors, companies, foundations, parents, SOAR staff, alumni, and community partners, will provide support for current SOAR programs, upgrades to student opportunities, growth of the program to more schools and students, technology upgrades, and student scholarships for events, field trips, and enrollment.  The SOAR annual fund also provides classroom & club resources, staff development resources and opportunities, and facility improvements. 


YOU have the power to make SOAR available to more students and families who need a safe and fun place after school by simply SPREADING THE WORD about SOAR. Nearly 1/3 of all online donations are made through peer-to-peer fundraising. 

How to become a fundraiser!

1. Click here to start your fundraising page. 

2. Personalize your page and make the first gift!

3. Start with your closest friends - send them a personal email, text, facebook message, tweet, or whatever else with a link to your fundraising page. 

4. Now move to social media and tag your friends when they give!

5. Dedicate a birthday, holiday or other special time to mobilize your network to give on your page.

6. Follow up with additional emails or posts about progress on your goals!