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Parson Hills Elementary

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Grace Hill Elementary

SOAR Grace Hill is an exciting and creative atmosphere, where celebrations are frequent and SOAR Family thrives. Students are encouraged to RISE UP and make the SOAR 6 a daily part of their lives. SOAR Grace Hill desires for all students to connect to and serve the city of Rogers, and to represent themselves as people of integrity and courage. When you're at SOAR Grace Hill, you'll be greeted by students eager to invite you into their SOAR Family, teach you their house cheer and show you all that SOAR has to offer.


Jones Elementary

Jones SOAR is a place of celebration, creativity, character, academics, support and FAMILY. We challenge each other to RISE UP and we step into leadership when called. Jones SOAR is the first SOAR program to ever be, and we are thrilled to see how the program has grown and flourished! Jones SOAR takes pride in our high level of excellence when standing before a crowd and the confidence that it instils. Jones SOAR loves to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness that Springdale has to offer and we are delighted to stand together as one SOAR family. 4 time SOAR soccer cup champion, 2017-2018 SOAR Amazing Shake Champion, National Dance Team "High Gold" Recipient, 4 National Amazing Shake Competition Participants.